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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I was born in 1976, in the household of my respected mother Mata Kirsha Devi Ji and My Respected father Ram Chand Ji.

I bow with great respect and thanks to my great late grandmother Ram Kaur, because my grandmother had prayed in gurdawara Alamgir Sahib, in guru’s presence, that if the Guru blessed her with grandsons she would turn them into Sardars. The guru granted her wish, as I had already four sisters and one brother. My late father was mona (cut hair), but with Guru’s blessing we were born and we were made Sardars.

I will say that even before my birth Guru Sahib blessed me with Sikhi even before I was born. My parents weren’t rich, because of this I was studying in a government school. Our household was so poor; I used to sell kulfi ice cream/lollies in my area on a small table after coming home from school which my father would leave for me, and my father would sell ice lollies on a small hand cart around our area.

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