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My name is Parminder Singh son of Sardar Gurdeep Singh who is the son of Sardar Balwant Singh.

I was working as a manager in Mandi Gobind Gargh in an Iron factory making iron rods. I am an Amritdhari Singh. Through my working in the mill and other part time work my monthly earnings were 18- 20,000 with guru sahibs blessings. My family consists of my younger brother, mother and father, my mother and father are also Amritdhari. My mother is the secretary of the Sukhmani Society who preach Sikhism arranging programmes in Amloh city. After work at the factory I used to teach the youth how to tie a turban and teach Gatka classes. With the help of one of my friends I used to display items related to Sikhism; most of them were pictures. I used to show these displays in Amloh Mandi Gobind Gargh and the nearby village Gurdwaras every Saturday and Sundays. The items displayed included pictures of historical gurdhwaras , coins, Gursahibs shoes and clothes, pictures related to Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s rule and also pictures of the 1984 massacres and pictures related to the struggle of Sikhs between 1984 – 1992/3. I would also talk to the boys of the youth about the dangers of taking drugs, Gursahibs teachings and to bring back those who had cut their hair under the influence of western culture I talked to them with love and with examples and reasons. I used to preach on TV and by display Gatka on a moving motorcycle which was frequently shown on Punjabi TV channels.

With Gursahibs blessing I was attracting the youth to Sikhi through parchaar (preaching). On the Gurdhwara Sahib stages I frequently gave lectures that influenced the hearts of the youth, they were attracted to Sikhism and thought of this as my duty and the true sewa. Perhaps all this parchaar of mine was considered to be dangerous to the Hindustan Brahmans that think that all Amritdhari Singh’s are their enemies.


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