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SOPW are delighted to announce the release of Bhai Major Singh who is believed to have been the longest serving Sikh political prisoner, serving in total twenty three years and one month in jail despite being totally innocent.

SOPW have been supporting Bhai Major Singh since he first came to our attention in 2009. We would like to thank those who also contributed in securing the release including Ex-Jathedar Jasbir Singh Rode, Bhai Parmjit Singh Dhadhi, Bhai Rajinderpal singh (R.P Singh) Adv Jaspal Singh Manjhpur and many others.

Our team spoke to Major Singh after he was released yesterday and true to his personality along with thanking the Sangat who have helped secure his release he appealed to the Sangat world-wide to please now focus on the other Sikhs that are still languishing in jails and ensure that they too are freed without any further delay.

It is without doubt that Major Singh has made an enormous sacrifice in honour of Sikhi but in all the time we have known him he has never allowed himself to become bitter or resentful he has remained humble and endured his sacrifice graciously and as a consequence he has needless to say won the hearts of all those that have ever come to know of him.


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