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Bhai Pal Singh’s brother killed in a road traffic accident and two further false charges registered against him. Bhai Pal Singh’s brother had travelled to India from England to visit his brother who is currently in prison there and in recent weeks had been repeatedly taken into police custody where he had endured horrific levels of torture.

Bhai Tarsem Singh had made the journey from his home town of Wolverhampton to visit Bhai Pal Singh but tragically he died in a fatal road traffic collision while travelling on a motorbike only a day before he was due to meet him.
Bhai Pal Singh was taken to Court yesterday where two further false police cases have been registered against him in connection with Bhai Narain Singh Chaura.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Bhai Pal Singh and his entire family, there appears to be no end to his suffering.

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