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Self Determination – Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara
New Delhi 3 May : Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara was produced in Delhi court under very tight police security along with Bhai Surinder Singh. Upon his arrival Bhai Hawara was able to briefly meet with his family members during which an unfortunate incident took place when a police inspector pushed Bhai Hawara’s sister and used foul language. The police always find new ways to harass Sikhs who are present in the court. For example, Jailer Vimal Kishore confiscated the camera and Phone from Bhai Hawara’s family members as they were taking photos of him returning to Jail. 

In response to the incident that took place Bhai Hawara and family members clarified that by merely harassing us they can not succeed in demoralising us. The Khalsa was and always will be in high spirits.
After the court hearing, Bhai Hawara released a statement to the press relating to the acquittal of Sajjan Kumar and in it he made the following points. He stated that by honourably acquitting Sajjan Kumar, the killer of thousands of Sikhs, the Special CBI Kadakdooma Court in Delhi has murdered justice. This decision is an attempt to eradicate the existence of Sikhs but has come as no surprise because as Sikhs we are well aware that we never have or never will receive justice. If any of us were ever under the illusion that we may get justice from the Indian State, this decision has served to erase this misconception.
The 1984 attack were not sudden or provoked. They were a premeditated attack aimed at eradicating Sikhs completely. It was a Genocide of Sikhs. The Indian Government and the Delhi Police were helping thugs like Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler. These thugs were allowed a spree of over 72 hours to indiscriminately kill Sikhs. These murderers burnt Sikhs alive, young daughters and sisters of Sikhs were raped in front of their families. The behaviour of these hooligans was so beastly that they didn’t even spare new born children. They took the children away from mothers and sisters and killed them by repeatedly hitting them on the floor. In the space of 72 hours, thousands of Sikh families were finished . Sikh property worth crores of rupees, was destroyed and looted. All of this happened in full view of the Indian State. Therefore we should not hope for justice from these killers.
The Indian government has tortured Bhai Davinderpal Singh Bhullar physically, mentally and medically so much so that it has left him mentally ill. The Indian government has enacted dramas for 29 years to shield the killers of Sikhs. Eight commissions were formed to identify the killers of Sikhs and proof was given against all of them. But the Indian judicial system turning a blind eye acquitted all of them without charge.
All detained Singhs pray that the Panth is able to rise above political differences, embrace Khalsa principles in accordance with Gurmat and proceed in our struggle for justice. Finally and as always I would maintain that the only solution for Sikhs is Khalistan.

© The Sikh Organisation for Prisoners Welfare 2020