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Statement re 6th June 1984 – Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara
In rememberance of June 1984 – let us recognise our responsibilities
Khalsa Ji, it was the month of June 1984, when the Gangu brahmin’s brood sitting on Delhi’s throne attacked Sri Harminder Sahib in an attempt to make Sikh’s realise their place. This attack was a statement that this country is for Hindus and if the Sikhs want to live in it then they have to be slaves. If they ask about rights their reply will be delivered via guns and tanks.

Under Indira Ghandi’s command the Brahmin mind was the same that used to beg before the Khalsa – “Oh Guru’s Singhs the Moghuls have taken our daughters, who is going to save them except you ?” Under Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindrawale’s command the Singhs had the same qualities of those who listened to the Hindus in 18th century and said “Khalsa Ji will eat the langar afterwards let us get these Hindu girls freed from the Moghuls first”. Likewise Sri Akhal Takht Sahib witnessed the blood shed by the Khalsa for protecting the Hindu honour. But in the 20th century the situation had changed because the Hindus had the majority votes and had become so drunk with power that they began to see the Guru’s Khalsa as terrorists when they talked about their rights. To stop the Sikhs from talking about their rights the Hindus attacked Harminder Sahib with tanks and still the Hindu rulers conscience did not awake. In fact they surpassed the cruelty of even the Moghuls.

How helpless were the Sikhs when the curfew was imposed in Panjab and Sikhs were imprisoned in their own houses and when they attacked our precious Harminder Sahib with bullets and shells for three days. The reason is not that enemy was in the majority and we the minority but that they had become a military power and the Sikhs no longer had the same martial ability. If then every Sikh had martial qualities and military power then every Sikh house under curfew could have become a trench and the streets and roads the graves of the Indian army. Even now if every Sikh could connect to the Guru and their principles and awakened the strength within them this government would be nothing in front of us.

Who do they think they are opposing our Sikh’s shaheedi monument in our Harminder Sahib? They are again trying to tell us that we are slaves in their country. Today we should understand that just by doing Ardaas on 6th June we are not doing justice to the shaheeds. By attacking our Sri Harminder Sahib they told us this is not your country – you are slaves here. In response to this attack the Sikh nation should answer by creating our own country. When remembering 6th June we have to ask ourselves what have we done to make our nation’s home, how many more years will it take and what do we have to do in the future to fulfil this goal ? By firing the first bullet at Sri Harminder Sahib the Indian state started a war which cannot now be stopped until we have our own independent country.

Servant of the Guru Panth
Jagtar Singh Hawara
Jail No 3, High Risk Ward, Tihar Jail, New Delhi.

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