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On 22-07-2014, SOPW Advocate Kulvinder Kaur and SOPW volunteer Parminder Singh visited Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara in Tihar Jail. Jagtar Singh was brought in a wheelchair into the meeting, suffering from pain in his back and left leg. Advocate Kulvinder Kaur, seeing this, questioned the jail Superintendent, 'Why has Jagtar Singh's MRI test now been set for August, when it is clear to see that he is in unbearable pain?'. The Superintendent simply pointed and put the blame onto the Doctors and Hospital, claiming that only they will decide when Jagtar Singh is examined.

During the meeting, SOPW volunteer Parminder Singh mentioned to Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara that the whole Sikh Nation is very worried and concerned about his health. He explained how there have been many rumours spreading regarding his health issues, but we want to know the truth from Hawara himself on what the problem is.

Hawara said that he will tell all when the time is right - however, he wrote a letter to the Sikh Nation, beginning by greeting the Khalsa Panth - 'Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh'. He writes in the letter, 'Although I am not physically well at the moment, mentally, the prayers and the support from the Sikh Nation are keeping me in Chardi Kala (High Spirits). With the prayers from the Sangat, along with Vaheguru's blessings, I will be fit again. I pledge, that up until my last breath, I will fight to the end for my nation.'
For his back pain and leg pain, he says that the main reason has been because of his sports, in combination with what happened in the Sikh struggle (tortured heavily and mercilessly during interrogation, and was shot in the leg while in police custody). Hawara explains that from his childhood he had a passion for playing sports. He took it very seriously and highly enjoyed being a sportsman, and even during his long and harsh time in prison he continued exercising daily.

He calls upon the Sikh Nation, to come together and unite as One. He says, 'There is only one solution to the Sikh Nation's problems, and that is Khalistan.' 

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