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As one of the Coventry SOPW volunteers, I am grateful to be given to the opportunity to write up on the fantastic day we had yesterday at the War Memorial Park in Coventry where the annual Vaisakhi Mela is held. These grounds themselves have so much history dating back to the World Wars and has stark reminders all around of those that lost their lives in these battles.

A massive thank you to all the sangat, friends and family that visited our stall, who with their blessings and well-wishes allow us to continue the seva that we do. A timely reminder whilst in this park of the families who are living through daily battles and we living in a foreign land are giving them the helping hands to stand on their own two feet. “SOPW motto: not just to survive but to thrive”. Hence, giving them the respect and dignity that they deserve.

It is only when everyone gets together does it make for a wonderful atmosphere. I have chosen a handful of pics that I hope you will agree shares with you the smiles, warmth, ages, different seva groups including Kaurs Corner - www.kaurscorner.com, Seva School, first Sikh Ethos school to open in Sept 14 in Coventry - sevakeducationtrust.org and personalities including Fauja Singh the marathon runner - edition.cnn.com/2013/05/09/sport/fauja-singh-marathon-oldest, Sky Blue Sam Coventry City Football Club mascot and our own Lady Godiva - www.historic-uk.com/CultureUK/Lady-Godiva/.

Thank you also to our wonderful baker, who outdoes himself each year to bake the raffle cake, which this year was won by a Bibi who in her own words said: “Puttar, I have never won anything in my life”. The results of SOPW with the help and support of the Sangat only goes to show that when we help those less fortunate than ourselves, we are all winners.

I am so honoured to be a SOPW volunteer and a member of such a loving, respectful and caring team.

M Kaur, Coventry. 

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