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This is the latest picture of Gurjeet Kaur - an amazing Bibi whose faith in Waheguru and strength of spirit has not waivered even in the face of such tragedy. Please read her story, spoken in her own words:

“I have been left all alone in this world. In June 1984, my husband Gurmej Singh, left our home in the village of Sodhiwala, along with our elder daughter Jasvinder – who was only a young child at the time, to pay their respects at Harmandar Sahib. They were inside the Golden Temple complex when the army launched its attack. Since that day, Gurmej Singh or Jasvinder have never returned home. All I know is that they were among the thousands who were killed by the army that day. We couldn’t even perform their last rites.

To add to our grief, the Police began harassing us because they recovered some pictures of Sant Bhindranwale which my dead husband had bought. My eldest son, Kashmir Singh who was 22 years old and worked as a mechanic at a nearby workshop, was picked up by Police and brutally killed. They threw his body in a drain outside the village. Intensely angry over the injustices we kept being forced to suffer, two of my younger sons left home to join the freedom fighting movement. I did not attempt to stop Jaspal Singh or Tarlok Singh from going away.

I do not know if they were able to avenge the deaths of my husband, daughter and older son, but some years later – around 1991, both the boys were shot dead in fake encounters with the Police. I did not grieve – they had given their lives while serving the cause of the Panth and the Guru’s.

But the Police did not stop at this. One day, also in 1991, a bunch of policemen came to my house and picked up my younger daughter, youngest son and myself. To this day, I still do not know what became of my youngest child – Daljinder Singh who was only 14 years old. The only explanation given by the Police was that he simply ‘disappeared’ from their custody.

Nearly 30 years have gone by but I still cry each day. I cannot forget how my entire family was wiped out. Those who have seen the blood of loved ones spilt will never forget and I will carry my memories with me to my funeral pyre. Today, I am all alone. My only surviving child lives with her husband outside of Punjab. She does not visit me now because the Police used to harass her each time she came here in the past.

My only remaining wish is to identify the men who killed Daljinder. He was only an innocent, young child. My heart will not stop aching and nothing else matters to me now.”

SOPW have been providing Mata Ji with financial and emotional support since 2009. She has had several medical conditions that required treatment and we pray that Mata Ji makes a full and speedy recovery. Mata Ji uttered these words to a concerned member of the Sangat when he visited her, "four sons and one daughter were all killed... however, dear son - you are also my son. All of you are my children." She smiled and repeated the lines that Guru Gobind Singh spoke to Mata Sundri when she asked about the fate of her four sons, Chaar muay ta kya hua; jeevat kayi hazaar" (If four died, so what; thousands shall live). Mata Gurjeet Kaur smiled and said, "Why should I be sad? I would be sad if I had no sons, but you are my son and all of you are my children. Thank you for meeting me son and showing your love." 

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