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Large numbers of the Sangat and a variety of Sikh organisations, led an “Accountability March” from Kartarpur to Amritsar where a memorandum was submitted to Gurbachan Singh, Jathedar of the Akal Takht, in the late evening of Wednesday 5th March.

Although the march had been widely advertised since it was organised some time ago, the Jathedar happened to be out of town and therefore, the memorandum was received by a member of his staff. It demands the permanent release of Sikh detainees who have served their sentences, including the Burail Jail three, Gurdeep Singh Khera and Varyam Singh.

The Jathedar has been given until 12th March to clarify ‘which hidden forces derailed’ Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa’s protest unto death, for the permanent release of Sikh detainees. Jang Singh, brother-in-law of Lakhwinder Singh, who is imprisoned in Burail Jail, said the “Jathedar had assured them that all the six Sikh detainees would be permanently released but the movement of Khalsa was sabotaged”. It was widely believed that a permanent solution to their release would be secured whilst the prisoners were on parole leave. However, four of them had to surrender themselves back to jail when their parole ended in the months of January and February this year and the State has not moved any further in the cases of Gurdeep Singh or Varyam Singh.

Baba Baljeet Singh Daduwal who was present at the march, said it was the “moral responsibility of the Jathedar to clarify why he had gone back on his word” and as to when the Sikh detainees would be released permanently. He added, “if the Jathedar is working under pressure he should quit his post and let the community take its decisions”.

Chief Minister Badal’s argument, that the cases came “under the remit of the other state governments" was rejected by all present. 





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