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Another Sikh prisoner found dead in his cell under mysterious circumstances

Mystery shrouds the death of a jail inmate on Friday as the authorities say that the inmate committed suicide, while the family of the deceased has charged jail officials with murder. The deceased identified as Sararbjit Singh (27), was jailed under the NDPS Act case, after poppy husk was seized from his truck.

The deceased was reportedly among the rioters, who recently had a brawl with certain jail officials. After that, he was shifted to the barracks.

Sandeep Singh, brother of the deceased alleged that the jail authorities had murdered his brother as he was among the protesters, who opposed the inhuman behaviour of jail staff. After that incident, the jail authorities unleashed cruelty on his brother, and murdered him. He said "Authorities are now claiming this was a suicide case, whereas the fact is that my brother never talked about any depression, when I met him on February 19 at the jail",

However, deputy superintendent of the Patiala prison, Rajan Kapur said that the accused was found hanging from an iron grill at around 8 pm on Friday. The jail staff tried to save him by shifting him to the hospital, but he died on the way to Rajindra Medical hospital.

Cases of deaths of prisoners under such mysterious circumstances are increasing concern for SOPW. In April 2013 Sandeep Singh (35) was found dead in his cell. Then in May Inderpal Singh (27) was found dead in Patiala Jail both families of the prisoners clearly state that they have no doubt in their minds that the death are a result of wrong doing on the part or the jail authorities.

We would like to remind you in particular of two cases of the deaths of Sikh political prisoners while in prison. Bhai Sohanjit Singh was found hanging in his cell (please see video link below). Bhai Kulwant Singh was also found dead by his fellow inmates, burned to death in his cell. The incident occurred the day before he was due to give evidence in court in connection with a case he had registered against the Panjab police for the brutal levels of torture perpetrated against him during his interrogation.

Video: Wife of Bhai Sohanjit Singh - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivO5-oQeCpQ 

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