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Parkash Singh Badal rolls out the red carpet for the controversial Gujarat CM Narendar Modi

While farmers from yesterday’s Amritsar rally mourn the death of an innocent protester the deputy Chief Minister of Panjab Sukhbir Singh Badal has claimed that the heavy handed approach adopted by the Panjab police was justified. Senior Badal however is busy preparing a lavish welcoming ceremony in Panjab for the Gujrat Chief Minister Narendar Modi. Singer Miss Pooja who recently joined the BJP party will also be seen entertaining the troops.

Narendar Modi is currently the strongest contender in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and should his Bharti Janta Party (BJP) win an overall majority, he will become the next Prime Minister of India. The BJP are a right wing party who stem from the extreme right wing Hindu Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) party. The longstanding senior leader of BJP, L K Advani has openly admitted in a book he wrote that he had personally persuaded Indra Gandhi to attack the Darbar Sahib in 1984.

Badals Shiromoni Akali Dal Party forged an alliance with BJP in the last assembly elections to form the current Panjab Government but Prakash Singh Badal has always been very keen for Sikhs to believe that it is the Congress party that discriminates against minorities and that the BJP can indeed be trusted.

It should be noted that it was in Gujrat in 2012 that land and property owned by Sikhs was seized by Modi’s Government and when Sikhs protested they were told that the land belonged to the Government and if Sikhs were not happy with the Governments decisions then they should leave Gujrat. Then in 2002 again under Modi’s rule thousands of Muslims men, women and children were massacred, many burned alive.

Due to the controversy surrounding Narendar Modi’s leadership and his past record of political conduct towards minority groups, the highest levels of security measures have been implemented in Panjab. There will be a ten thousand strong police force deployed in and around Jagron where the rally will be held and it is believed that the Panjab Government has even gone as far as scanning the sewerage systems for possible threats to security.

It is clear that emotions will be rife among those who are opposing Modi’s visit to Panjab, many peaceful demonstrations are understood to be planned by various Sikh and non Sikh organisations. However we hope that we do not have to witness any more scenes of horrific Panjab Police brutality such as the ones seen yesterday in Amritsar against the protesters tomorrow in Jagron.

Picture: Prakash Singh Badal meeting Narendar Modi. 

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