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The shocking reality of Human Rights in India

Horrific images are pouring in from the brutal attack that occurred last night on peaceful protesters by Panjab Police where one elderly protester has been left dead any many more seriously injured.


Farmers from around Panjab had been camped outside the offices of the electricity board in Amritsar to protest against the soaring cost of electricity since Thursday. Last night without any prior warning the Panjab police surrounded the make shift camps where mostly elderly farmers but many women and children were sleeping and began firing gunshots and spraying tear gas at the protesters.


We have seen shocking images of frail and elderly protesters being beaten by groups of police officers with thick sticks as the elderly protesters lay defencelessly on the ground, soaked in their own blood.


The majority of the prisoners SOPW supports are protesters such as these who have been thrown into prison simply for exercising their right to protest. We will continue to monitor the developments in this case and seek to provide assistance where necessary. 


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