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A Family reunited – Hardeep Singh takes first step on journey to Freedom

Hardeep Singh is now aged 42 and hails from village Chuselewal in Amritsar. Hardeep Singh’s family consists of his elderly mother and father who are now both in their late 60’s. He also has a wife and two young sons. Hardeep Singh was arrested and imprisoned in 1993 under the now infamous TADA Act. He was sentenced in 1997 under sections 24, 54 and 59 of the Arms Act and section 302 and 148 of the Indian Penal Code. The sentencing judge was Iqbal Singh Bajwa at Amritsar Courthouse. There was also a 6,000rs fine attached to Hardeep Singh’s sentencing. This is a common practice when sentencing but the sad reality is that many families of such prisoners can barely afford to cover legal fees and these fines are forced to go unpaid, as a result the prisoner has to serve an additional one and a half years to their sentence.


As a result Hardeep Singh has been separated from his family for nearly 21 years and SOPW is pleased to announce that a parole release for 28 days has been secured on his behalf so he is able to spend quality time with his family. Parole visits are vital for our prisoner’s mental and physical well being. It means that while all the work for their permanent release is being carried out, prisoners can enjoy a few weeks in their home setting, away from the confides of a prisoner cell. Here they can sleep on a comfortable bed rather than a concrete floor, enjoy a home cooked meal lovingly prepared for them and simply be able to walk freely within their surroundings.


Parole releases are equally important for the families of prisoners like Hardeep Singh, it gives them quality time with one another and especially for two young boys who have had to grow up without a father, this time allows them to bond and do all those father/son things that no family should have to go without, where possible. Hardeep Singh’s paperwork is now in the process of submitted to the High Courts for his premature release and we will keep you updated on his case as it progresses. 

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