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British Sikhs protest outside Downing Street demanding an independent enquiry into UK involvement in 1984 attack on Harmandir Sahib.

Today’s wet weather did nothing to dampen the resolve of hundreds of Sikhs who gathered from every part of United Kingdom today to protest outside Downing Street. They are demanding an independent enquiry to indentify what role the government played in the 1984 attack on the Sikhs holiest shrine, Harmandir Sahib.


The UK involvement in the attack on Harmandir Sahib was revealed when Records of cabinet meetings were inadvertently released after 30 years to the National Archives. These records revealed that Margaret Thatcher had sent SAS officers to India to advise the Indian government on ‘extremist Sikh militants’ presence in the Golden Temple. British Sikhs were shocked and hurt to learn of a possible link between the Conservative government at that time, and the Indian Government.


The collective British Sikh community are not satisfied with the Cabinet Lead internal enquiry that took place in wake of allegations against the government at the time of the 1984 attack. The Report that was published on 4th February and was compiled by Jeremy Heywood concluded that ‘The military advice from the UK officer had limited impact in practice. The actual operation implemented by the Indian Army differed significantly from the approach suggested by the UK military officer.’


A concerned Sikh, at the protest today said how “this Report has raised more questions rather than answer any questions we, as a community are asking the Government. We now urge to Prime Minister to request an Independent Enquiry to give us a clear picture of exactly what conspired between the two governments in the lead up to the Harmandir Sahib attack that left so many of our brothers and sisters dead. We will not rest until we are given the answers we are asking for.” 

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