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Tihar prisoners end hunger protest as jail authorities provide assurances that demands will be met.

Thanks again to the awareness created by SOPW supporters and the wider Sangat, especially in India, who took to the streets in protest against the extreme security measures implemented at Tihar Jail, we can confirm that the authorities have now provided verbal assurances that the drastic new measures will be withdrawn.

Our SOPW representative today travelled to Delhi and met Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara in Tihar Jail to confirm exactly what actions the jail authorities would be taking, Bhai Hawara confirmed that within a week of the hunger protests being announced the jail authorities revisited their decision and decided that the security measures were indeed extreme and would be withdrawn with immediate effect. Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara asked our volunteer to thank the supporters of SOPW and all those that helped raise awareness of the protest, he said he hopes the Sangat will continue to support Sikh political prisoners languishing in jails all over India as they themselves cannot voice their difficulties.

We will of course monitor this case to ensure that all the verbal assurances given to the Tihar prisoners are actually implemented and we too will seek assurances from the jail authorities that prior consultation will in future take place with the prisoners before any changes are made that directly concern them.

This is yet another example of how simply by hitting share on our posts, by discussing this issues amongst your friends and families you have helped in raising a voice on behalf of the prisoners. You have effectively forced the Indian Government department to revoke its unjust policy that would have served only to provide further suffering to the prisoners.

People Power!! 

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