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"Since the very birth of the Sikh Nation, anti-Sikh forces have continuously tried to oppose our principles. They have never let an opportunity go, where they can cause damage to the Sikh Nation. Since 1947, when our political leaders took an unfortunate decision to stay with Hindustan, the oppressive Indian regime has left no stone unturned to damage the Sikhs; religiously, socially, economically and politically. Even today there is no justice for the Sikhs in Hindustan.

 Those who speak and stand for the rights of the Sikhs are termed as terrorists and thrown into jails. Even the Indian judiciary is biased against the Sikh Nation. The Courts set free the perpetrators of gross crimes against Sikhs and yet the same courts continue to imprison Sikhs simply because they speak for their rights. The same courts refuse to free our political prisoners who have fully served their sentences and maliciously keep them in prison for years after their sentences have been served. It is a well accepted basic human right that when a person has served their sentence and their behaviour has been impeccable, they have a right to be set free from imprisonment. And yet the Indian government which claims to be a democratic body, refuses to apply this basic human right for Sikh political prisoners and blocks their release from prison. This oppressive regime, the Indian government, has no right to term itself a democratic government.

Today, we need the media to bring international awareness to the plight of the Sikh Nation as well as to make the world aware of the atrocities being committed against Sikhs in India. There is a need for Sikhs is to give full support to the organizations that are working in this respect, such as the Sikh Organisation For Prisoners Welfare (SOPW). Under the leadership of Bhai Balbir Singh Bains, SOPW has been working hard to support the legal and financial needs of our prisoners. SOPW assists by arranging lawyers for the prisoners and providing family members with financial and medical needs as well as supporting the education of the children of the affected prisoners. We should be fully supporting such organizations. I would also like to thank SOPW for arranging financial support for the recently released four Sikh prisoners. Any organization that speaks for the rights of the Sikhs, will always be opposed by the oppressive Indian regime, however it is critically important for us to strengthen such organizations, for the Chardi Kala of the entire Sikh Nation.

Recently the WHOLE SIKH NATION STOOD UNITED and forced the oppressive Indian regime to release the Sikh prisoners – this is the way we must continue and SPEAK IN A UNITED VOICE for our rights and soon we will be able to obtain liberation from slavery and achieve freedom (Khalistan). There will be obstacles in achieving this objective and we need to be careful about those Sikhs who have sold their conscience to the Indian regime and will certainly be opposing this mission. But if we stay united under the Kesri Flag and stay committed to Khalistan then the Sikh Nation will certainly bask in the glow of freedom one day."

From: Jagtar Singh Hawara - KHALISTAN ZINDABAD

© The Sikh Organisation for Prisoners Welfare 2020