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On 27th January, Rahul Gandhi gave his first TV interview to Arnab Goswami of Times Now. 

It is common knowledge that the Congress party led the 1984 Sikh Genocide in Delhi. Many commissions have been created and many findings have been reported. Yet, to this date the perpetrators of the massacre of thousands of innocent Sikhs, walk free and even enjoy positions of power.

A common theme to arise from various reports and inquiries, including eye witness statements, is that:
• Police disarmed the Sikhs, therefore rendering them unable to defend themselves from the attacks
• Police had been told to stand down and at numerous points they even stood at a distance and watched the attacks taking place
• Some policemen/government officials disguised themselves as part of the mob and engineered the attacks from within
• Mobs had been shipped in from outside Delhi, armed with uniformly cut sticks and provided with kerosene and tyres.
• Rewards were being offered to the mobs – effectively a price was placed on each head of a Sikh
• Sikh households and businesses were firstly marked out using voter lists, to make it easier for the mobs to identify

None of what took place during four blood soaked days and nights, resembled a spontaneous riot. Carnage, looting, murder and rapes took place right under the noses of the Government, the Police and the Judiciary, but they all turned their backs.

Despite the relentless crusade by H S Phoolka and the Widows of 1984, there has been no justice for 30 years, because Congress has manipulated and interfered at every step of the way to protect its own workers. It shows the character of Rahul Gandhi who sits there and lies so brazenly....

The full interview is available here:

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