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This exclusive photo of Jagtar Singh Hawara obtained by SOPW, shows the spirit of the true Sikh hero. During a special Gurpurb programme taking place within Tihar Jail (Delhi), you can see that he is deep in Ardas for the freedom and chardi kalla (high spirits) of the entire Sikh panth.








Those of you who watched 'Sadda Haq' the hit film of 2013, will know that the directors made it based on Hawara's personal story. In 1995, his heartfelt concern for the Sikh quam, meant he could no longer stand by and watch thousands of Sikhs being killed under Beant's rule, for no reason other than wearing the articles of their faith. 

Jagtar Singh Hawara is serving a life sentence for his involvement in the Beant case. But, in a familiar strategy he has also been buried under numerous other cases (some of which he has been acquitted in) to ensure that he spends a large amount of his future years, simply going through the process of court dates and trials. 

Watch out for more exclusive SOPW photo's of Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara in the coming days.

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