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My name is Gurtej Singh, son of Sardar Dilbagh Singh, grandson of Sardar Sardool Singh hailing from village and post office Pakharpur Thesil (County) and District Amritsar. My family consists of my parents, my two sisters and my brother; my siblings are all younger than me. In our village we use to have four acres of the family land but by 2003 they had dwindled down to only two acres.

Those two acres were the source of our bread and butter and it was not enough. So I left to Germany, while in Germany I maintained my appearance as Sikh and kept the company of Gursikh brothers. The enemies of the Panth had me deported in 2005. Upon returning to India I started to live with Bhai Saroop Singh in Chandigarh rather than going home and burdening my family. While I was living there I learnt to read Gurbani and practiced doing Paath. In 2008 a Sikh brother on his own expenditure called me to Germany on a two month visa.

Being an Amritdhari and with the lack of paperwork it was difficult to get a job but with God’s Blessings and the love of Sangat I got the duty in the Gurdwara. In April 2008 I came back to my village.

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