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Khalsa Ji my name is Sardar Gurinder Singh, I have parents in my house and a younger brother, who is studying. My father had a job which he lost because of my police case, so he somehow accepted it and got busier in doing the household chores, repairing our house. My father is not doing any other job apart from following my cases. I get a date (court date) everyday.

There are almost 5 cases on me so my father is unable to concentrate on any other work. My household is financially self-sufficient to take care of itself, but not wealthy enough to follow up my cases. One of the reasons is because as well as framing a case on me, they have also put case on my whole family (which is ongoing). The police also took my personal possessions including my computer, religious books amongst other things. We had to take out loans to bail out my parents. The debt has steadily increased, and I do not know much it is. My family does not tell about the loan money, even when I ask, they only say that I should not worry about these details. They also say Guru Sahib will solve everything.

My mother has a Government job which helps to run the household, but the lack of money stops her from following up my cases.

Khalsa Ji I expect and hope from you, that as you have helped me up until now, you will carry on in future and also follow my cases too.

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