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Balvinder Singh Dek wala (Roper), am the son of Sardar Balvinder Singh Dek wala and I hail from the same village as that of Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara (accused of the assasination of Beant Singh). I was a truck driver by profession until I was wrongly accused of crimes I didn’t commit.I was arrested for the first time in June, 1998 by the Roper Police when I had 3 charges filed against me by the Roper Police and 1 charge by the Chandigarh Police. A few follow Sikhs and I had false charges made against us under the Explosives Act and false charges for helping Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara and others escape from Burial Jail. Charged with these false allegations, I spent a few months in Nabha Jail and 3 years in Burial Jail in Chadigarh. During my time in prison the police continuously harassed my family to the point where my wife and younger son had to leave home and go live with my wife’s parents. At my in-laws the police frightened them so much, that my family is still staying there, away from me. During my stay in prison my father passed away leaving my elder son, who is 17 years old, to be forced to live in the house alone. Meanwhile I was exonerated from the Roper cases but I was sentenced to four years imprisonment for the Chandigarh case. From these cases I was granted bail from the High Court and came home and until now (before this case) I was living at home.

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