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This is the story of the family of Shaheed Kashmir Singh from village Bhilowal in Amritsar. Kashmir Singh was 25 years old when he was killed in a fake encounter by the Police in March 1990, along with another Sikh youth who was also shot dead in the same brutal way. The Police informed his family that Kashmir Singh was no more and asked them to come and identify the body. Shaheed Kashmir Singh’s mother was the only one at home, so she had to identify the dead body of her young son – something no parent should have to do. The cold hearted Police did not return Kashmir Singh’s body to the family, even though his mother had positively identified him and so the family were denied the right to perform his funeral rites according to the Sikh faith.

Shaheed Kashmir Singh’s father, Sulakhan Singh and brother Dalbir Singh, continued to farm the family land but this was proving difficult due to a severe lack of water supply to the fields. Dalbir Singh had two daughters and a son to provide for and times were hard when another tragedy struck. Dalbir Singh’s wife passed away when their youngest daughter was only 2 years old. It became impossible to grow crops on the 1.5 acres of land especially as nobody was willing to help with the supply of water. Dalbir Singh had to stop farming the land and as a result his financial situation declined. Earlier this year, Dalbir Singh contacted SOPW for assistance. After consulting with him, our team decided that as part of SOPW’s Rehabilitation Scheme, a tube well system would be installed so that he could return to his farming roots and provide for his family once more.

Dalbir Singh’s eldest daughter is married and settled in her own home, but his younger daughter Prabhjot, is studying in Class 10 at the Government High School. With the Sangat’s help and support, SOPW have also fulfilled her school fees so that she can continue her studies, without fearing the financial burden it places on her father. A fully functioning irrigation system is now up and running in Dalbir Singh’s fields and he expresses his gratitude to you - for providing the means for him to work hard and take care of his family. 

HEAR HIS STORY IN HIS OWN WORDS HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm4T4TLNh-I

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